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Thread: Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card

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    Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card

    I have upgraded my operating system from Windows Vista to Windows 7 only a couple of days ago and now I have realized that Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card. I have decided to buy a new video card but, they can adapt to DIRECTX 9 only. But, I have installed DIRECTX 11 currently on Windows 7. I cant understand whether DIRECTX 11 is compatible with Windows 7 or not. Can the new cards not run on anything other than DIRECTX 9? Please suggest some solutions that may help me to remove this conflict of DIRECTX 9 with DIRECTX 11.

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    Re: Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card

    I had the same kind some time ago. Windows 7 was not accepting AGP video card, but I started browsing through the web and found suitable complements for the old AGP that I was using. BFG Nvidea Geforce 7300 GT 512 MB AGP card has a very good technical support and you can find it out by visiting the company's official website. It works with no problem in Windows 7.

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    Re: Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card

    If you check Windows 7, then you will find it to be better than all the previous versions. But, there has been a problem that many of the programs/softwares/applications that work in Windows XP as well as Windows Vista are not compatible in Windows 7. That is why Windows 7 may not accepting your AGP video card. To verify all the programs that are compatible with Windows 7 , run the WINDOWS 7 HARDWARE EVALUATION TOOL.

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    Re: Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card

    Windows 7 is not accepting AGP video card, may be because it is not compatible. You need to load Windows 7 in the compatibility mode to run such incompatible programs. You may also use a virtual mode, so that you can run Windows XP too along with Windows 7. This technique can be used for the programs that do not work in Windows 7. I use the same setup in my system.

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    Re: Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card

    Many of my friends had encountered such problems due to incompatibility with Windows 7. The compatibility issue may be the problem here too why Windows 7 not accepting AGP video cardBut, then I suggested them to use a DUAL-BOOT system, which is the same way I use my system. So, you can boot to Vista or XP when you find some programs not workin with Windows 7.

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    Re: Windows 7 not accepting AGP video card

    May be there has been some problem with the video card that you have been using. Thats why Windows 7 may not be accepting AGP video card. DirectX 9 and Direct 11 may not be the problem of the conflict. I suggest you to try using it with some other video card. This may hopefully solve the problem. If still the problem persists, then there must be some problem with the operating system that you are using.
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