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Thread: Cannot save files to Desktop on windows 7

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    Cannot save files to Desktop on windows 7

    Hello guys, I am using my computer from last 4 years. Now i have upgraded my computer with the windows 7 and initially it was XP. I do not know what has happened to my desktop in windows 7 as it can not save XPS files on desktop. Do anybody have similar kind of problem ? And solutions will be appreciated.

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    Disable User Account Control

    I think there will be something wrong with the settings of your user account. You can try disabling the user account control by doing the following procedure. 1. Click on the Start Button, open Run and type "User account control" in the search box then press Enter.
    2. Above step will open the User account control settings box, Select Never notify by moving the slider.
    3. Press OK and check again that this issue remains as it is or not ?

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    Change Folder security permissions

    There might be the possibility of some restrictions to the folder which you are using to save xps files. I suggest you to change some properties of that folder and you can it by following steps.
    1. Go to the Properties of Desktop folder by right clicking on it.
    2. Now go to the Security tab and click for Edit.
    3. Press Add and type the account name which you are using, and check names.
    4. After appearance of your account name, Highlight it and select for allow full control and press OK.

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    Contact your Administrator

    This can be a example of restrictions from your administrator. You may be using the normal user account. I would like to tell you that normal user can not do many tasks on the computer as its account has been permitted to do the selected tasks only. Similarly they do not have permissions to access some folders also. This may be the case with you. Try to contact your administrator and check for your account permissions.

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    Virus affecting your Desktop.

    Do not be worrying as this problem can be there due to some virus installation on your computer. It might happen that you visit some website and may be after downloading some files your computer got infected by some virus. Mostly desktop files gets corrupted because of trojans. I would suggest you to scan your full computer and delete all the trojans found by your anti virus system. Restart your computer and check that is it happening again or not.

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    Solve issue by System Restore.

    As you said you can not see files saved on desktop which you are downloading from the internet. I would be giving you the simplest solution to solve your problem. By using the system restore you might find your files. To open System Restore, Go to the Start button and click on Run. Now type System Restore in the search box, which will show the list of results then you have to click on System Restore.

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    Re: Cannot save files to Desktop on windows 7

    I had the same problem. I noticed that I had PDF Complete and PDF Vista to view pdf files but not Adobe Reader! I downloaded Adobe Reader and tried saving the pdf file on my desktop again. Now I can see it on my desktop and open it.

    The older file names I saw before in desktop during "save process" which I couldnt see on my desktop, i still cannot see them. And they no longer exist in the directory during "save process". So, the files I downloaded before, they did not come back and appear, but at least now i can save pdf files on my desktop and find them there!

    Hope this helps... Just download Adobe reader for free.

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