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Thread: InCD helper service with Windows 7

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    InCD helper service with Windows 7

    HI. Well I have a desktop system with Windows 7 been installed in it. The problem is that I do get a popup windows when the system starts and gives a message or an error that the INCD helper service failed. I do not know what kind of problem is it and what could be the cause? Please help me out for sorting a solution for the same. Thank you.

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    Re: InCD helper service with Windows 7

    The problem that the INcd service has failed is related to the Nero suite you use. This is the issue which do arise when you use INCd application of nero. If you are not using the application then uninstall the suite. This will sort out the problem that you are facing. The error message that you are been facing while your system starts will be then resolved.

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    Re: InCD helper service with Windows 7

    There are certain steps through which you can make the things to work correct that is the InCD helper service error can be resolved by following the step as mentioned below:

    1) Go to start button and then open Run command.
    2) Type msconfig without quotes and hit enter.
    3) Now click on the service tab and check the Hide all Microsoft service box.
    4) Uncheck if any nero services is been done so.
    5) Now click the startup button and check any nero services is checked. If it is so then uncheck them too.

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    Re: InCD helper service with Windows 7

    The above solution should work out for you. I too did have the same issue and got it resolve by the similar solution. The InCD helper service application would not show u any problem hence forth. All you need to do is to follow the above steps and then restart your system. After that When the system configuration utility appears check on Don't show this message again and click ok.

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    Re: InCD helper service with Windows 7

    A nero general clean tool should allow you to make the thing correct. This will resolve the issue and may lead to to use the application without giving any problems. This tool generally removes the bugs associated with the software and then it make the application to work cleanly without any bug issues. Try the tool. Or you can also set the point or a date when your system was working fine by using system restore application from start menu.

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