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Thread: How to edit settings of new group?

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    How to edit settings of new group?

    Hello, I am using the computer at my home. Now my kids are grown up and i have created a groups on my computer by using Computer management. Basically i have created for my kids as i do not want them to access my internet connection. But i am not able to find the settings for the created users. Can anybody help me with this??

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    Re: How to edit settings of new group?

    No worries, As i have one tool which can help you in a way in which you want. That tool is Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). this tool will provide you a unified graphical user interface (GUI) that makes Group Policy much easier to use. Backup/restore of Group Policy objects (GPOs), Import/export and copy/paste of GPOs and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filters, Simplified management of Group Policy–related security, HTML reporting for GPO settings and Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) data, Scripting of Group Policy related tasks that are exposed within this tool.

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    Re: How to edit settings of new group?

    Well, here you have one bad news if you are using the windows 7 that GPMC can not work with the windows 7. But still i have another tool which you can use to edit the settings of the selected user on the group. Using lusrmng.msc is a tool by which you can add as many as users to a group. if you have created already then there is a secpol.msc by which you can modify the security policies of that acount, including firewall policies, software restriction.

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    Re: How to edit settings of new group?

    Each operating system from the microsoft provides a Parental Lock feature which you may use to do the specified task. To use Parental Lock, There are some step as followed but make sure that you are using all the rights of administrator.
    1. Go to the start menu and select for control panel.
    2. Then Click on the All Control Panel Items.
    3. There you will find Parental Lock so click to open it.
    4. Then click on the user account of which settings has to be change.
    5. There you can see Parental Controls so select enforce current settings there. Once you will select the above setting then you would be able to change the settings in detail for that particular user.

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