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Thread: Svchost.exe Throws Exception in Windows xp

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    idea Svchost.exe Throws Exception in Windows xp


    This is Komal Upadhyay.I am facing exceptions related to svchost.exe from some days.sometime pc behave normally after exception.sometimes at the same time when there is visual studio debugger pops up with error message like:"Unhandled exception occurs in svchost.exe" at the same time Antivirus software show message like " "somename.sys" Trojan virus found !!! in c:\windows\system32 application name -svchost.exe " .sometime taskbar color changed from blue to grey automatically.I can not figure out the problem.please os is windows xp

    Komal Upadhyay

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    Re: Svchost.exe Throws Exception in Windows xp

    Go to the start menu and open the properties of my computer by right clicking on it. Switch to the "Automatic Updates" tab. There you will find "turn off automatic updates" so check for it. Then reboot your computer. Now again go to start menu in that go for all programs. There you will find "windows update" . Now you should be connected to the internet and manually update windows or you can turn on automatic updates on.

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    Re: Svchost.exe Throws Exception in Windows xp

    Your computer is infected by a virus. Please follow the steps to remove them manually : restart your computer and press F8 and select safe mode command prompt only. Always remember just login as a admin Type cd C:\windows\system32 then type dir /ah, it will display the hidden file of system. You fill find this file AUTORUN.INI, BLASTCLNNN.EXE, and SCVHOST.EXE after that just type ATTRIB -H -R -S SCVHOST.EXE,again type ATTRIB -H -R -S BLASTCLNNN.EXE and ATTRIB -H -R -S AUTORUN.INI.Then type DEL SCVHOST.EXE, DEL BLASTCLNNNN.EXE and DEL AUTORUN.INI then Type CD\ and then type ATTRIB -H -R -S AUTORUN.INF and DEL AUTORUN.INF and restart your computer.

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    Re: Svchost.exe Throws Exception in Windows xp

    I would suggest you perform a System Restore as your computer seems to be infected by a Trojan.
    Go to the Start Menu > Select All Programs(or Programs)> Go to Accessories > Select System Tools > Click on System Restore.
    This will help you to restore your system to a safe point. If this solution also does not provides the answer then probably create a backup pf your data and format your hard drive to delete the Trojan.

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