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Thread: XPMUser password on Windows xp

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    XPMUser password on Windows xp

    I am using the Windows XP on may computer. Recently i have installed a new application on virtual machine. Since i have installed this, i am getting prompted by the XPMUser password. Now i do not know that what is XPMUser password and how do i come to know about this password. I think this should be something related to the xp mode. But i have never set any password for the xp mode then why it is asking me for XPMUser password.

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    Re: XPMUser password on Windows xp

    Not to worry about XPMUser password as you are right about your assumption that it is a password for logging in to your xp mode. Try to recollect your memory if you have entered any password any time. If you have never set any password then try to enter a blank as a password.

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    Re: XPMUser password on Windows xp

    Bingo!!! Here you have the process of creating the new password for xp mode. first shutdown the vm and and Open its settings from the Integration Features section, There you will find automatically enable at start up or something like that then uncheck the checkbox and press ok. Now start the vm, you will be promped by login window so enter user name which has been displayed on setup wizard and leave password as blank, Press enter. Now go to command prompt, and try executing "net user (username) (password)", now your new xpmpassword will reset to blank.

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    Re: XPMUser password on Windows xp

    I would be suggesting you the simple and short procedure to log into xp mode.First of all close the Virtual Machine. Then launch an application named as 'xp mode' I am not telling about the VM which boots and presents xp desktop but a 'native' seven application. Lets hope that you would be having at least one installed in your xp mode environment. Now close the application and try to launch xp mode, Here you will notice that it does not ask for any password.

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