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Thread: Login issues with Windows 7

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    Login issues with Windows 7

    Hi. I use Hp pavilion laptop dv6-1250 with windows 7 installed as the operating system in it. The problem is I am not able to get access to the account whenever I enter the user name or password to the system. It shows as login failed or incorrect use rname or password. Please help me out with this. I have no idea what could have happened.

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    Re: Login issues with Windows 7

    The problem that you are not able to login to your account is basically due to worng language input to the account. When you start the windows and your login screen appears you should be able to see a text type window or something on the lower end of the screen. This is basically to set the language to the system. Set the correct language and then try to login to the account. This will help out and may get login without any issues.

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    Re: Login issues with Windows 7

    There is an alternative through which you can make the things correct. It is not sure but should work. Press the F8 function key for advanced options. After that select the safe mode to execute your windows under this mode. Enter the password under this mode. There is a possibility that it may accept your password and allow you to login. After that make the necessary changes or create a new account from control panel.

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    Re: Login issues with Windows 7

    It might be that the password might have been changed. You can make the necessary changes while logging to the system under safe mode option. Follow this:

    1) Open your control panel from the start menu.
    2) Open the Administrative Tools option.
    3) Then open Computer Management by right clicking on it. A window will get open with a list on the left side.
    4) Double click on Local Users and Groups option.
    5) Click on Users then.
    6) Search for the user that you are trying to log in with and right click on it.
    7) Choose Set password and make the desired change.

    This will enable you to use account with the set password.

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