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Thread: Sound get missing after sleep mode

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    Sound get missing after sleep mode

    Hi all ,

    I have problem regarding sleep mode of my system. Whenever I get back from the sleep mode of the system, the sound of system does not work. I have searched solution for this over various web sites but didn't get solution over this .

    How can I overcome this issue? I am expecting your suggestion

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    Re: Sound get missing after sleep mode

    HI friend,

    I suggest you to make the updation of the BIOS. This type of issue of the sound can be solved by using sound card driver.

    "Control Panel" also has the setting to adjust the sound properties of the system. Please try to adjust this setting.

    Other than this I don't know anymore about the sound problem

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    Re: Sound get missing after sleep mode


    Please try below steps to overcome sound problem, I have used same steps and its worked for me:

    1. Click "start button".
    2. Goto "Control panel".
    3. Then select "Sound" option from there.
    4.Choose the "playback and recoding" option.
    5. Then please disable the sound and after this again enable it.

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    Re: Sound get missing after sleep mode


    I think you need to troubleshoot the sound drivers of your system , for this try something below:

    *. First check the settings sound and speaker of your computer.
    *. Then check the sound and speakers system of your computer.
    *. If above doesn't work then you should "reinstall" the sound card driver.

    I hope this will be helpful for you..

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