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Thread: Unable to login Windows 7

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    Unable to login Windows 7

    Hello, I have just installed windows 7 professional few days back. And today when I on my computer and trying to login into it, it started to give me error "The user name or password is incorrect". Then I type a key of keyboard one by one but, got same problem. What to do now? Anyone has any solution about this? Please help me.

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    Re: Unable to login Windows 7

    Hi, you are not able to login Windows 7, then you can try for one thing. Do your computer start into the safe mode by pressing the F8 key while your computer turn on and then select safe mode. Now, try to enter you user-name and password. I think at this time it will accept your username and password.
    Then after accepting password go to control panel and change your password and create new account and check the result by opening it in regular mode.

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    Re: Unable to login Windows 7

    Hi, just start your Windows 7 in Safe Mode and then click "Switch User". The "Administrator" account should be visible or you can click on "Other user". Try typing "Administrator" as the user name and if it works then just do the things given as below:

    • Open "Control Panel"
    • Open "Administrative Tools"
    • Open "Computer Management".
    • Doubleclick on "Local Users and Groups".
    • Click on "Users".
    • Find the user that you usually try to log in with and right click on it.
    • Choose "Set password...".
    • Done.

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    Re: Unable to login Windows 7

    Hi, I don't think that there will be any solution about this problem. If your unable to login Windows 7 then I think that you need to repair your operating system, so that you will get at least all the data which is stored into the hard disk. Or there will be possibility that your keyboard is got faulty and due to which you are getting the problem of username or password as incorrect. So, just try for changing it and check whether it is working or not.

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    Re: Unable to login Windows 7

    I found a utility program called password reset, which will allow you to boot from the disk and it removes all passwords, worked on XP and Vista not sure about 7 not had to try yet, also if keyboard fault try a USB external keyboard.

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