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Thread: Installing Windows XP on HP pavillion dv5 laptop

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    Installing Windows XP on HP pavillion dv5 laptop

    Hello friends i have hp pavillion dv5 laptop. It comes preloaded with the windows vista Operating system. But now i want to remove the Windows Vista operating system. And i want to install Windows XP operating system in the laptop. How can i do this? Where can i find the drivers for the Windows XP operating system?
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    Re: Installing Windows XP on HP pavillion dv5 laptop

    First of all you need to have the valid Windows XP Operating System installation disc. If you do not have the disk then buy it from the Microsoft website or from any other computer outlet. Install the Windows XP installation disc to your CD rom and boot your computer. Then you system will ask you to boot from the disc , press enter here. If system does not give any option then again reboot the system and press F10 and select the CD rom as the boot device. Follow the instruction to complete the installation process.

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    Re: Installing Windows XP on HP pavillion dv5 laptop

    You want to downgrade your hp pavillion dv5 laptop to Windows XP operating system. But remember that it may possible that your laptop does not support some features of Vista in windows XP. First check the compatibility of your laptop with the Windows XP operating system. You need to download drivers for Windows XP. Install the XP installation Compact Disc in the Rom and begin with the installation. You will be asked for removing older version of windows first. For removing older window Reboot your laptop from Rom. You can do it by pressing F10 when laptop boots. Format your C Drive and continue with the installation.

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    Re: Installing Windows XP on HP pavillion dv5 laptop

    First check the driver disc of the hp pavillion dv5 laptop. It is having the drivers setups which supports Windows XP operating system or not. If it does not have the driver support for Windows XP operating System then you have to download the drivers for windows XP. The another problem in downgrading laptop from Windows Vista to Windows XP is the BIOS setting problem which is one of the major problem in downgrading. So it is better to contact the computer engineer to downgrade the laptop or desktop.

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    Re: Installing Windows XP on HP pavillion dv5 laptop

    Pal that will render some of the features of you laptop useless... I suggest you to use vista... If you want to use XP then you can go for Virtual Machines (if you know what they are) where you wont have to remove the preloaded Vista... and most probably you will not get the XP drivers for your DV5 (that is why some hardwares wont work correctly)....
    I would recommend you stick to Vista and install XP as VM...
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