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Thread: How to install Windows XP on your PenDrive?

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    How to install Windows XP on your PenDrive?

    Hi, My harddisk got corrupted and want to install Windows XP operating System on my 8GB pendrive for some days. Can it be possible to install an operating system on pendrive? Please, Give me some suggestions.

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    Re: How to install Windows XP on your PenDrive?

    Hi, I don't think that there would be any facility in windows xp operating system. I know that while loading your operating system it asks for hard drive to install an operating system. It never search for any removable media to install an operating system. So, just check for any small size harddrive which will work for you for some days. I don't think that your pendrive would work for you as a harddisk.

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    Re: How to install Windows XP on your PenDrive?

    Hi, I have not tried yet to install windows xp on my pendrive. But Yes, you can do it. Your mother board must need settings to boot it from pendrive. Then software with name Mojopack can help you. Mojopack installs Windows XP operating system in your pendrive. It also help you to run an application on your pendrive. To download this software you can make search in google. I think this will be freeware, so you don't need to pay for it. It will make you to login windows xp with the help of pendrive.

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    Re: How to install Windows XP on your PenDrive?

    Yes you can install Windows XP on a USB pen drive. But mostly it gives you some or the other error of Windows Registry or a virus infection. As pen drive is gets infected than harddisk more. It won't work for you more. After few days it becomes unbootable. Yes you can make it properly configured and use it for more days. It can also provide you different software installation also. You can install Linux on your pen drive too.

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