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Thread: Microsoft Media Players dont play videos

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    Microsoft Media Players dont play videos

    i posted this once.....never showed up.....i cant get media player 11 or 9 or any of ms players to play pc goes in slow error messages or nothing.....plays music.....what the h ll is going on?.....been hassling fopr over a year with this. i use vlc......only way to see them.

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    re: Microsoft Media Players dont play videos

    In order to play video on your Windows Media Player 11, you need to have the codecs been installed on your machine. The problem to me seems that most user's are caught up in stuff there unsure of. Your video's aren't working because they need codecs in which Microsoft does not supply. They support other company's who will sell you codec's packages or, you can load codecs onto your PC.

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    re: Microsoft Media Players dont play videos

    Hi, you are facing this problem as you want to view the video which has different extension than the required to the Windows media player. So, either you need to play those format which are suitable to your windows media player or just needed to use another video player software such as Klite Kodec Pack which takes small amount of memory while playing any video and by giving it rights to play all video by changing options from it. Just make use of it, it will solve your problem. If this also not solves your problem, simply make use of the another operating system installation.

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