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Thread: How to protect text files with password?

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    How to protect text files with password?

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to provide password protection to the text files? I mostly use text file to save my all passwords of websites and other things, as it is too much to remember it. So, if anyone get access of my computer he can able to open that txt file and receive all my password. So, is there any solution to password protect my passwords text file? Please provide me any solution. I am waiting for your reply.

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    Re: How to protect text files with password?

    I don't think there would be any password protection possible to the txt file with the help of windows xp. I think you can use ms word to achieve this. You can achieve it by installing WinZip or Winrar. Add that text file to the zip foler or rar folder and put a password on the zip file, and then to open it and access the text file, you will need to enter the password. When you modify text from your text file and close it, your zip file also gets updated. You can check it, it will solve your problem.

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    Re: How to protect text files with password?

    Hi, I don't think that this would be possible in windows xp as there is no option to password protect text file. You can try for folder lock to password protect the file which you want. If you wanted to use Folder Lock then try to use full version of it as when your version get's expired it will open your file without using any password. It can be opened directly. Just try to use it. I think it will solve your problem.

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    Re: How to protect text files with password?

    I don't think that you will able to password protect your text files in windows xp. You need to use any third party software for it. Just try to search on internet which software provide you this facility. I don't know which will help you as I don't face this problem yet. Or you can use Microsoft word to do it. For that you can perform following steps:
    • Click on Tools, then click on Options. “Tools” is located at the stop of the screen, after File, Edit and View.
    • Click on the Security tab.
    • It will provide you File encryption options for this document, followed by Password to open. Enter password and click on OK.
    • Then type confirmation password.
    • Now you can open this file only if you have password.

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