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Thread: How to make your Own Recycle Bin in Windows XP?

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    How to make your Own Recycle Bin in Windows XP?

    Hi, can it be possible to make our own recycle bin?. That means when we delete anything that will go into the folder which I have set as recycle bin not to the original recycle bin. Just give me if you have this idea.

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    Re: How to make your Own Recycle Bin in Windows XP?

    I think there would be some registry changes have to be made to do this. As I have not come to know anything such setting till yet. I don't know how to do it, you can check it on registry sites. I think you will get something on that as it is possible only through this. Just check. Do it on your computer and then give me solution, if your computer is working properly after making those changes. Just try to check it and don't forgot to post it on this forum for me.

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    Re: How to make your Own Recycle Bin in Windows XP?

    Hi friend, you want to make your own Recycle Bin as I have done, then just follow the tricks what I have used.

    Steps To Follow:-
    • Make a new folder Where you want to move the deleted files or folders can be stored for temporary, that means your own recycle bin.
    • Just rename it as BIN.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}
    • Done.

    Now onwards it is your own Recycle Bin.
    So simple.

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    Re: How to make your Own Recycle Bin in Windows XP?

    Hi, I don't think that this would that much simple. You need to do some or the other registry changes and then have to try for it. Just check it when you got it and give me reply whether your computer is working or not. If not then no need to post any solution. If working then give me also. But, I will suggest you to don't do it. As I one time I had made changes in registry and it could not start after restart and then I need to install new xp on my computer.

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