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Thread: Similar Software between MAC and Windows

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    Similar Software between MAC and Windows

    If a user switches from Windows to MAC than what are the most similar software available in MAC OX. That means if I use Microsoft Office in Windows then in MAC does there is a similar program available to work on spread sheets, word documents, presentation, etc. Or else I can use Microsoft Office in it. In the same way what is available for Internet, multimedia, etc. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Similar Software between MAC and Windows

    Yes there are multiple tools which are similar to Windows application. Many software's supports cross platforms. That means they work both on MAC or Windows. Like Firefox and other browser. If you are looking for internet solution then the available options for MAC are Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, FireFox, Opera, Camino, Shiira and OmniWeb. For a email clients you have Thunderbird & Entourage. For messaging service you can use Skype, aMSN and Adium.

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    Re: Similar Software between MAC and Windows

    MAC system has there on Office package which offers you all features and supports what Microsoft Office gives you. It is called as iWork. This tool consist of Word and Powerpoint. Second option is to use OpenOffice or NeoOffice. It is also a office package with multiple solutions. For the video support option upi can use VLC Plauer, Real payer or Flip4MAC. Some of them comes with MAC OS X. Others are available for free download on multiple sites.

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    Re: Similar Software between MAC and Windows

    You does not need to worry about MAC interface. It is much more easier and they are tons of applications available as compare to Windows. If you work on graphics or web designing then you can use Suite CS3. Gimp, Seashor, Inkscapie, Srcibus, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc. There are ample of solutions available for different type of usage. Other miscellaneous options are
    Virtual PC: Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, VirtualBox, Virtual PC for PPC.
    Easy CD Creator / Nero Toast, Disk Utility, Finder (the files to burn).

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