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Thread: Create boot logo for Windows

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    Create boot logo for Windows

    I am using Windows Vista as a operating system and I am bored with blue screen. I want to change my boot screen to any other image so suggest some software that change my boot screen. I think it is not simple like setting background. Can I do that with some simple steps? Please suggest me how to customized boot screen?

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    Re: create boot logo for Windows

    Download Vista Boot Logo Generator 1.1 utility from the internet which used to set boot logo for Windows Vista. You have to run this application as Administrator. Select two version of image, one need to be 800×600 at 24 bit color, and the other 1024×768. Both files must be in Bitmap (BMP) format. Save that files anywhere because you can not copy that file directly to the correct folder without ownership of the file. To take ownership of the file, go to command prompt and hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter and then run this command takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui . After that run this command substituting geek for user name. cacls C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui /G geek:F. Copy your file in C:\windows\system32\en-US\ directory. and select overwrite option. Now use msconfig utility and in boot tab check the“No GUI boot” option.

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    Re: create boot logo for Windows

    You can use Vista BootScreen software to customized your boot screen. You can change boot screen with colorful image. In this software you can use JPG, PNG or BMP format images for boot screen. There is no need to change files manually, you have just create a skin and install it in to boot screen library. you can customized welcome message also but this is for only registered user. I think this is a quick and easy way to change boot screen

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    Re: create boot logo for Windows

    I think you can change or restore the default boot screen using Windows.There is no need to install any software, right click on my computer and click on properties then go to advanced tab > startup and recovery > setting. There is Microsoft windows XP in combo box at the top just select it. You can use Slimm Boot-Logo to customized your boot screen

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