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Thread: Installation of windows 7 on boot process

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    Installation of windows 7 on boot process

    Hi. I have a Intel inside core 2 duo processor with a 2gb ram. I have had Windows vista installed on my system by default and wanting to know how can I install Windows 7 on my system . I want to upgrade my system. I am not a computer expert and do not know how to run the boot process. Please guide me. It would be a great help. Thank you.

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    Re: Installation of windows 7 on boot process

    Hello. Well for the following the steps you firstly need to have the Windows utility disc in order to format the drive containing windows vista or to upgrade the operating system. You can install the operating system by inserting the disc into your rom and then go for boot process by restarting. Press delete key or F2 as mentioned or supported by different system. You can follow the procedures by selecting the first boot device as CD Rom.

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    Re: Installation of windows 7 on boot process

    HI. It would be much more easier for upgrading your system with windows 7 by upgrade option. Rather formatting your system would result in much more time consuming and a bulk process. Insert the disc into your drive and click on the option upgrade to Windows 7. This would upgrade your system to the operating system you wants to upgrade without any formatting. No need to run Boot process.

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    Re: Installation of windows 7 on boot process

    Well formatting your system would help you out. It is a bulk process but it would be much more efficient. This is because if there lies any bugs or error on your previously installed operating system it will be removed or eliminated. Your system can be upgraded by pressing the desired key supported to your system on start. Select the Cd rom drive as your 1st boot device and then follow the procedure. You will be asked to install the operating system on the drive which you want to. In stall it on the drive where your Windows vista is been installed. It will ask you to format. Press the key and it will be done. the installation process would then start after formatting. Good luck.

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