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Thread: Computer logs off when I log on

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    Computer logs off when I log on

    I am using Dell Inspiron 14 laptop.My problem is that my computer logs off as I log on, as I power my computer, the welcome blue screen show up with my computer's name on it, when I try to log on, it start loading my personal setting, then it goes to logging off and saving my setting, so I can not access my account. Please give me some solutions.

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    Re: Computer logs off when I log on

    I am using HP Compaq 610FD laptop with Windows XP. When I log on into my account then it logs off so I unable to saw my data, modify that data. To overcome this problem open the window in a safe mode and install anti virus. Run the program, it will deleted the viruses. Hopefully your system will perform as you expect.

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    Re: Computer logs off when I log on

    I worked on Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. Before eight days I could not access my account. When I log on to my account, I automatically log off. I restarted my computer in a safe mode using F8 key. After that click on start > go to help and support, click on system restore. It will restore the files which are deleted. After completing this process your computer restarted and perform normally. I thing it will be helpful.

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    Re: Computer logs off when I log on

    I am using Acer 5315 Laptop With Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium. Before two days I can not entered into my account. I thought that I lost my data which is important. After that I formatted my PC and installed a fresh copy of operating system and create new accounts. Now I can log on to my account and read or modify my data.

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