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Thread: Laptop won't boot after bios upgrade

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    Laptop won't boot after bios upgrade

    Two days ago HP's 'Health Check' recommended that to flash a BIOS and I flash the BIOS of our new laptop hp pavilion dv9000. During the update process(a windows bios flash), the system froze. I waited for several hours just to make sure it would comeback but not. I recycled the power and now I get BIOS ROM check sum error. The system is 15 months old so just out of warranty. Can I replace my motherboard? or any suggestion for me?

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    Re: Laptop won't boot after bios upgrade

    Hi friends I faced with same problem as you with the laptop won't boot after bios upgrade thing. I removed the battery which was present on motherboard and placed it again. CMOS battery not worked due to some moisture present on battery. When you placed it, pressed it very well. I think this step help to resolve your problem.

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    Re: Laptop won't boot after bios upgrade

    I have an HP Pavilion dv5 1080e Notebook. After upgrading the BIOS, I got a error message and my computer stop responding. I have created a DOS boot CD and have tried several version of awdflash.exe with rom file 523.rom as well as 521.rom but I get error message “Unknown Flash Type”. Now I Changed my CMOS battery. Now it is working finely. Changed the battery and experience the difference.

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    Re: Laptop won't boot after bios upgrade

    I am using Sony laptop and ten days ago my laptop won't boot after up gradation. I contacted with Badflash. They will charge you some money. Go to there for further information. I think they will sent you new version of CMOS battery. If your computer have warranty then contact with computer store.

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