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Thread: What are the types of file system on Linux

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    What are the types of file system on Linux

    I am not so familiar with Linux platform. But I have a server system. This system has some data which is important. Now I have anyhow managed to extract data out of the bad system. The thing which wasted my time is the type of file system used by Linux. Unlike in Windows I am quiet familiar about the partition language which is commonly NTFS or FAT and also the different types of file created or used in Windows. The same if I talk about Linux then searching for several hours on internet I got some appropriate solution. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: What are the type of file system on Linux

    Most file systems are structured hierarchically, and group files in directories. This organization can classify files and can find them more easily. There is therefore a root directory, which contains all the files either directly or indirectly in its subdirectories. In fact, the directories themselves are special files, interpreted by the system differently from other files. The data stored in the directories are simply directory entries, that describe and provide access to other files and other directories . There are many types of file systems for each operating system. The best known in the Windows world is FAT (original file system of DOS) and FAT32, and NTFS (file system of Windows NT4, 2000, XP and Vista) and ISO9660 (file system of CD-ROM DVD). On Linux, we find, in addition to Windows file systems, systems Ext2 and Ext3, ReiserFS v3, XFS, JFS, etc.. Each file system has its advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of performance and reliability limits that meet the hardware failures. In practice, the file systems used by most Linux Ext3 and ReiserFS v3.

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    Re: What are the type of file system on Linux

    To find files, a name assigned to them. It is possible, using the name of the various sub-directories and file name, build a "path", which allows you to reference the file in question so precise and easy to find. Of course, it's root directory that begin every possible path in the filesystem. Thus, the root is the only directory that has no name. In the paths to files, the names of directories and files are separated by special characters. This character is traditionally under Unix, the oblique division (called "slash"): '/'. Users of DOS and Windows will take care here is that Microsoft chose the backslash (named "backslash") '\', making its system compatible with Unix systems, and generating a lot of additional problems where it was not necessary to have.

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    Re: What are the type of file system on Linux

    Lets take a example that you have to fine a file abc.odt in the user account of myname. The path for it will be - / home/myname/x/x/x/abc.odt. As shown in this example, the file name contains a suffix "odt" separate body named by one point. Indeed, it is customary to add such a suffix to the names of files, so you can more easily characterize. This suffix is called the extension ". In this case, the extension "odt" denotes a file "OpenOffice Text Document", then it is a text document in OpenOffice. Users of DOS and Windows should be careful when using the following files on Linux. Unlike DOS and Windows, Unix systems do not use the extension to identify the nature of a file. The extension had no particular role, a file name may well contain one or more points, and an extension may be arbitrarily long. However, by convention, files whose names begin with a dot are hidden files. In this case, they will be visible only if equested explicitly. The Unix file systems distinguish between uppercase and lowercase. It must therefore be careful how you write the names of files and directories. However, most people only use lowercase letters for their file names.

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