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Thread: Windows Firewall / ICS - SBS 2003

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    Windows Firewall / ICS - SBS 2003


    I have a querry on adding exception to tally software/port, coz the error I get when I try to access firewall option in SBS 2003 standard editon is.

    "Could not start the windows firewall/internet connection sharing service on local computer"

    ...I have also tried to start the firewall services, but unable to.

    Could someone share their views.

    Thanks in advance,

    Harish Vasishta

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    Dr. V Guest

    Re: Windows Firewall / ICS - SBS 2003

    Trying disabling RRAS (in it's MMC console) and rebooting with ICS off. Firewalls are very important to help keep your server and network secure. This can occur when Routing and Remote Access is enabled. Changing the Windows Firewall/ICS service to disabled, executing "netsh winsock reset" and rebooting the server has been a consistent fix each timeIf this is the case, you must disable Routing and Remote Access before the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service can start.

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    Windows Firewall / ICS - SBS 2003

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