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Thread: Windows XP hangs at splash screen

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    Windows XP hangs at splash screen


    My computer does not start up and hangs at splash screen of win XP. It started in safe mode, but can not find any reason as to why the normal mode is a problem. I've tried running Mcafee on startup, but does not work and also run Malwarebytes which came with one minor Trojan. This has been removed, but no changes in the problem. Tried restarting it countless times, but it would just be the same each time. Help me ???

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    Re: Windows XP hangs at splash screen

    Try the following steps :
    1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E)
    2. Right click on your "C: \" drive and select Properties. Click Tools. click "Check Now" under "Error Checking." It is likely that reboot and check disk.
    3. If you can not enter it using the XP CD to boot into Recovery Console and run chkdsk-f.
    4. If you do not have the CD, use someone else’s machine to check your disk. If the other team is having trouble recognizing the drive in Windows Explorer, or if it hangs on the other machine, or if it says "this disc needs to be formatted" in the storage management properties (right click My Computer, go to drive, go to the storage unit ...), can have serious errors.

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    Re: Windows XP hangs at splash screen

    You can disable the offending item, then once you boot normally, updating the chipset on your motherboard and the video driver. Follow these instructions. You already know how to start the Recovery Console, so go ahead and do that now

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    Re: Windows XP hangs at splash screen

    If you can get in Windows at times something is corrupt. if the hard drive to die, you need to know because you will want to replace it. I suggest you find the brand of hard drive and download the software to test it. Check your BIOS to boot from LAN option on and off. When (but does) boot, go into the properties of the LAN card and check out options.

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    Re: Windows XP hangs at splash screen

    It is better to use a Hard Drive Diagnostics tool . Skip the rapid test and run the extended test. If the unit passes, boot from the Windows CD and in Windows display settings, go to recovery console and run CHKDSK / R. After doing CHKDSK, exit the console by typing "exit" to boot from the hard disk and see if it runs Windows.

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