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Thread: MAc os x dictionary

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    MAc os x dictionary

    i am having mack book pro with mac os x , leopard while using safari i have notice that my dictionary is not working i try to search option but i have not found the option so i am looking for dictionary software for mac os x so please kindly tell me which one i should buy and use ?
    thank you

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    Re: MAc os x dictionary

    Use Babylon 8 Dictionary, it is dedicated to serving you the finest selection of the dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias on the Web:

    * More than 1400 dictionaries.
    * More than 75 languages.
    * Search myriads of terms, expressions and phrases.
    * Covers a wide range of fields such as Law, Science, Medicine, Music, Business and many more.
    * Dictionaries built by Babylon's Linguistic Team, by important international organizations or private builders all over the world.

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    Re: MAc os x dictionary

    You can use Mac OS X's built-in dictionary and thesaurus. Holding the keyboard combination while you scroll around the page can work for you .Just press and hold Apple+Control+D over any word in a cocoa application (Safari, iChat, Mail etc...) and up pops a handy dandy Dictionary/Thesaurus. You can even move your mouse over any other word on the page and it will keep throwing out definitions.

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    Re: MAc os x dictionary

    Try LiveDictionary . LiveDictionary is a Safari extension that adds fast, convenient dictionary lookups to the web.Once installed, it becomes a transparent part of Safari; point to a word with the mouse cursor, and its definition or translation appears in a popup window. LiveDictionary offers a wide array of dictionaries for technical terms, general language, and bilingual usage.

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