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Thread: Imovie quits unexpectedly

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    Imovie quits unexpectedly


    I am trying to import video clips, imac just quits. When I tried to open it again, it crashed again. I tried opening another project and had no problem. What can i do to stop this?? Its starting to become more frequent now ...

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    Re: Imovie quits unexpectedly

    Did you try opening the iMovie project on anther Mac? Quitting at start up on a Mac most of the time means a bad preference file, or version of the software that is not compatible with OS that you are running. Did you update or install anything recently on your mac?

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    Re: Imovie quits unexpectedly

    Try Software Update in Mac OS X makes it very easy to determine and get exactly what you need.

    1. From the Apple menu, choose Software Update.

    2. Software Update checks for available updates. In the Software Update window, select the items you want to install and click Install. Generally, you must install all available updates.

    3. Enter an account name and administrator password.

    4. After installation is complete, restart the computer if necessary.

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    Re: Imovie quits unexpectedly

    Disable the essential components of QuickTime, it might be creating problem.
    1. Navigate to / Library / QuickTime / for a list of currently installed components.
    2. Temporarily disable the components that are not in the list below. You can disable components move to the desktop or another folder outside of / Library / QuickTime / folder.
    3. Open iMovie and see if it resolves the problem. If iMovie is no longer unexpectedly quits, check if a component update is available, or contact the component developer of new recommendations.

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