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Thread: General Windows Vista Problems

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    General Windows Vista Problems

    I have Hp pavelion at my home. I am using windows xp on that. so i am planing to move on vista. But,so many friends of mine told that , vista always gives trouble. most of the time every operating system having it's own issues. so i want to know what kind of general problem generate by vista?? Can any one know about this ? Any suggestion??

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    re: General Windows Vista Problems

    Too much Nagging.Vista too much of User Account Control (UAC) was designed as a safety feature to prevent security breaches, has done its job too well. His warning pop-up, preceded by the failure of screen appears when users have tried the same mundane tasks, like setting the system clock. Newbies were afraid, experts were disturbed. There were workarounds, of course, but most users do not bother.It slow.Vista your system includes fresh graphics and utilities, including the slick Aero interface and sidebar applets handy, but that excess code has been a drag on performance, especially if you were foolish enough to run Vista on a PC that meets the minimum system requirements.

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    re: General Windows Vista Problems

    Users often grumbled about the lousy driver support for Vista, and industry analysts questioned the thoroughness of the process of testing the Microsoft driver.adding so many changes and characteristics of programs that the code is huge and unwieldy. However, it indirectly affect it's sale. With Windows Vista, software bloat appears to have finally caught up with Microsoft. That's why vista works very slow.

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    re: General Windows Vista Problems

    Backup files in Vista was too low. He will not let you back up files and folders, and it bypassed the files he believed were part of the OS. Window's 7 Improving Backup Center corrects these deficiencies, and also allows you to backup to a network application volume.Too garbage are many say there has users.slowing Vista Windows Vista, especially when he works on something else the material most recent and fastest. Even then, the latest version of Windows XP soundly outperforms the latest version of Microsoft Vista. Nobody wants to use a new computer that is slower than the old.

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