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Thread: unspecified devices on windows 7, help

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    unspecified devices on windows 7, help

    I have a HP printer which will work only if I restart my machine on Windows 7. It will put it in unspecified devices but troubleshooting it wont give any problems but still it cannot print any docs. If I install the driver the printer will work fine but after restarting it will again do the same. I have installed the vista drivers for it cause the windows 7 drivers are not yet available. Can this be a problem?

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    Re: unspecified devices on windows 7, help

    Can you state that whether you are installing device from the printers page in the control panel or not? Did you click on the add printer or hardware? Is it a network printer you are trying to install or is it directly connected to your Windows 7 machine?

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    Re: unspecified devices on windows 7, help

    What is the make / model of your printer? Go to the link below and tell me which driver download you have been using? Also did you uninstall previous versions of the hp software?

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    Re: unspecified devices on windows 7, help

    Some troubleshooting methods given below:

    • You must remove all HP related software from your system.
    • Use your control Panel/System/Hardware Manager to remove the printer and drivers.
    • Go to the HP support site and look for the device driver for the 1020, ensure that you download the vista 64 device driver for the 1020
    • After downloading the Vista 64 driver you are ready to change the compatability mode.
    • Make sure the printer is NOT connected to your system
    • Find the driver file and right click the file w/your mouse
    • Run the program as administrator
    • Execute the file
    • It will copy to your driver folder
    • Connect your printer to the USB port
    • OS7 will recognize the printer and install it.

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