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Thread: Information about bin/awt.dll

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    Information about bin/awt.dll

    Hello friends,

    I am facing some issue with my system today when i try to install java on my Windows XP during installation i got an message as bin/awt.dll: Old File not found. When i try to find out bin/awt.dll was available but was not updated from a long back. Can anyone provide me more information about bin/awt.dll file.

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    Cannot install java

    If you are not able to install java on your system then i would suggest you to download Dial-a-fix and after download unzip the file and run Dial-a-fix.exe after that select check All and click on Go over here if you have any problem with installer this would solve your problem and finally reboot your computer for changes to get effected.

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    Unable to install java software

    Thanks for replying me i have try to install Dial-a-fix and try to follow the steps which you have mentioned me but still i am not able to install java software on my system does anyone know nay other alternative solution for it.

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    Remove bin/awt.dll

    If you really want to install java software on your computer then first you have to remove all previous versions java from add and remove programs. Then open windows explorer and go to C:/program files/java and delete all versions of java folders. Now click on start then goto search option and find awt.dll if you find delete them all and finally reboot your computer. Now download the latest version of java from it's official site and install it, hope you should not get any message.

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