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Thread: How to open .Max File

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    How to open .Max File

    Hello, my friend send me some files, but they were all in .Max , i mean they were having the .max extension , i dont know what is this file and how to open this documents, I requested him to send pdf or jpeg, but dont knows how to use his scanner, send me this files that I cannot open, can you tell me how can i open this files , please help , thanks in advance for your helps

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    Re: How to open .Max File

    PaperPort scanned document (more common)

    Software to open a MAX file:
    • Nuance OmniPage Pro X
    • Nuance PaperPort
    • Nuance OmniPage Professional
    • Nuance PaperPort Viewer.

    Max file extension: Image imported via a scanner or created by the scanning software from ScanSoft PaperPort; saved in a proprietary format of ScanSoft. ScanSoft is now part of Nuance Communications, Inc..

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    Re: How to open .Max File

    It can also be the Digitized OmniPage Document , you can use the following Software to open a MAX file: Nuance OmniPage Pro X Nuance OmniPage Professional Nuance PaperPort.scanned image or a text document saved by the scanning software OmniPage, recognize characters and words and detect information layout using software OCR (Optical Character Recognition in English or Optical Character Recognition in englsih or simply handwriting recognition). Previously developed by ScanSoft, which was acquired by Nuance Communications, Inc..

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    Re: How to open .Max File

    You must use the software "PaperPort Viewers" that you can download at:

    The PaperPort Viewer Enables you to share PaperPort items with others who do not have PaperPort on their computer. It allows them to view and print PaperPort image items (. Max files) that you send to them via e-mail.

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