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Thread: SBS 2008 - Vista client hanging on logon to network

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    sad SBS 2008 - Vista client hanging on logon to network


    This is my first sbs 2008 installation, so im just a noob.

    I have installed sbs 2008 for a customer. The customer has 10 pc's, 7 of which are running windows xp. The clients running xp are working fine. The first pc that I installed vista on, worked like a dream. i'll call it pc A. The second, pc B, worked pretty good too. The third, pc C, began to give me problems logging on and off. It was taking forever to log on with the user accounts, whereas logging on with an administrator account was no problem. Since then the other two client computers running vista have begun to have similar behaviour. I began suspecting Simply Accounting software that I had installed on all three machines around the same time as the problems began. So going back to pc A, I formatted the drive and reinstalled vista without Simply accounting. Again, it works like a dream. And after trying a few things on B and C, the only issue remaining was that it would take forever to log off. I though I found my problem. A few days later on Monday morning the person using A complained of a 1.5 hr logon. The people using B and C have begun having problems logging on as well. There are other little problems as well. C is not applying mapped drives when the user logs on and, I cannot access the event viewer from the sbs server manager. It says something about a problem with the 'RPC service', the xp pc'x work fine too in this regard.

    I've updated all the drivers and windows patches on all computers. Can anybody help me? I've been trying to solve this for nearly a week, and my customer is running out of patience.

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    Re: SBS 2008 - Vista client hanging on logon to network

    Did you try using SBS client setup wizard? May be that would help... do post back...

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    Re: SBS 2008 - Vista client hanging on logon to network

    According to me you need to reset your Winsock. Basically this is a DNS issue. If the DNS of the system is not pointing to the DNS Server which includes a record of the domain, then it hangs on and does nothing. This is usually the case if we specify the DNS server as public internet servers rather than our own internal domain DNS server. So to solve this problem, just logon with the local administrator account and change the DNS address to the one which specifies the domain in its records.

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    Re: SBS 2008 - Vista client hanging on logon to network

    Thanks alot for the replies.

    1) I did use the client setup wizard by typing http://connect in the browser of each machine as I set it up.

    2) I also had pointed all 10 computers to the domain in the primary dns setting of the Internet Protical properties box that belongs to the LAN card that is being use to connect to the network (that was an akward way to say it!). But your post made me go back and check the forward lookups of the DNS service on SBS, and there were two messed up entries pointing to the wrong places, so I deleted them. However all the right entries were already there. I don't think that was the problem because they weren't pointing to the machines with vista on them. I am using all static IPs by the way.

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    Re: SBS 2008 - Vista client hanging on logon to network

    Just to add to what I've previously written, the problem with long log on and off times has been intermitent. Some have noticed that this happens after the computer has been restarted, although this is not true accross the board. I'm trying to give as much info as possible here just in case it helps. Like i said, i've looked everywhere for a solution.

    Thanks again,


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