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Thread: How to change Finder icon in Mac os x

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    How to change Finder icon in Mac os x


    I want to know that how can you change the finder icon to according to your own choice? I donít get more information after searching on net to change it. I can do it for everything else, just not finder!

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    Re: How to change Finder icon in Mac os x

    Which is an icon that can change through the normal cut and paste method. You will have a fiddle with some files hidden in the on our hard disk, or try an application such as CandyBar.

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    Re: How to change Finder icon in Mac os x

    To change Finder icon in Mac os x, follow the below steps :

    First, you will need to open /System/Library/CoreServices/

    The easiest way is to type 'cd/System/Library/CoreServices/ "in the terminal, and press Enter. Then type' open '.
    You have to edit the file finder.png using any image editing program of your choice. Best way forward is to make a copy of the original, and hide it somewhere, then edit finder.png. If you want to make one from scratch, remember that it should be. Png, and should be the same size and DPI as the original finder.png.

    Ok, now you have to do, you need to delete the cache file icon dock, or your new icon will not appear. Use of care (with the indicators set as follows: System include files), locate and delete the file named Now, leave and return again, reboot, or use the terminal to kill the dock. You should have a shiny new Finder icon!

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    Re: How to change Finder icon in Mac os x

    You must have privileges to edit a file in order to be able to change its icon. Changing privileges given access will be able to paste a new icon and see the change in the right distance finder.

    However, this does not change the desktop icon, as the dock does the search engine and trash icons (only) files inside the dock application package itself - nor even look at the icon to paste using "Show Information" .

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