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Thread: How to install .deb package in Ubuntu

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    How to install .deb package in Ubuntu

    What are the ways by which I can intall .deb type package in Ubuntu. I think this need some command line reference. But as I am not familiar with the operating system then what will a better solution. Also does Ubuntu open up zip files or can I create a compressed archive in this platform. If yes then how. Also if I installed any application then how can I remove the same back. Linke in Windows we use Add/Remove option. Does the same exist in Ubuntu. Thanks.

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    Re: How to install .deb package in Ubuntu

    It is not hard to install .deb packages in Ubuntu. You will just need to pass on some commands listed here. Debian (.deb) packages are specially used in Ubuntu. Any .deb package can be installed in the same platform. This can be done by using Nautilus. Nautilus is a file manager tool. But if you want to install the same by using command line terminal then here is the solution. The command for installation is - sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb. For removal is - sudo dpkg -r packagename. For repairing the same use - sudo dpkg-reconfigure packagename.

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    Re: How to install .deb package in Ubuntu

    Yes the archives can be opened and created in Ubuntu. Here the format changes to Tar/Gzip and Tar.Bizp2 type. The extension for a archived file is tar.gz or tar.bz2. The second one is the newer and much better compression type. Normally if you click on them the file extraction starts automatically. To work on same in Terminal use these commands. For extracting -tar xvf packagename.tar.gz. For decompressing a .gz type file then use - gunzip file.gz. In the same way for bz2 files - bunzip2 file.bz2. And if you want to create your own archive then use - tar cvfz packagename.tar.gz folder for creating a gz archive. For bz2 - tar cvfj packagename.tar.bz2 folder.

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    Re: How to install .deb package in Ubuntu

    Yes Ubuntu system to has a Add/Remove program function in order to uninstall any installed application. The same is available in Applications > Add/Remove Programs. If you want to install a list of program then just mark them in the list and run the installation. If you want to run a manual update for your system then in terminal type sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade. This same can be done by using Synaptic Package Manager. To do this click on System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager > Reload >Mark all upgrades.

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