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Thread: Linux not detecting external drive

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    Linux not detecting external drive

    I have a laptop running on Ubuntoo. My friend has given me some text file to copy a data from removable media to the laptop. Similarly when I connect the external drive and access in command line mode then the screen returns ENODEV error. What does this means. Second thing I am trying to open a text file in the same way two new errors come up. They are ETXTBSY & EFBIG on the screen. Need some solution for the same. Thanks.

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    Re: Linux not detecting external drive

    The error ENODEV means there is not device connected to your system. Check properly that the removable media is functioning properly. There are two reasons under this issue. First weather the device is damaged or the drivers for the device is not available. The driver might not be loaded for the same.

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    Re: Linux not detecting external drive

    ETXTBSY refers to Text file busy. This error normally comes up when you try to write a file which is currently in process or working or executed by the kernel. The file is currently open for writing. If the system here crashes then you cannot free up the disk space. You will have to reboot fsck and then usually delete the file.

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    Re: Linux not detecting external drive

    If the file you are trying to access pass the size limit then the error EFBIG returns. It refers to File too large. If you have version prior to 2.4 then you can get access to file of 2g in size. Here you will need to use the correct version of libc. So here you can understand that if you are not using the right version of library then the mess will not be cleared.

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