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Thread: Windows has detected file system corruption

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    Windows has detected file system corruption


    I have a problem with my pc . When turning my PC, Windows (Vista 32bit) gives me a nice message titled: "Windows has detected a hard disk problem"

    Note: the message seems to appear every 15 minutes if nothing is done.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Re: Windows has detected file system corruption

    You should try these steps to solve these problems in the file system: You can try running SFC / SCANNOW command by following these steps:

    1. Launching command line with Administrator rights

    Use command sfc / scannow

    2. SFC (System File Checker) is the component built into Windows resource protection that checks and repairs the system files, while the protection of critical system files and registry keys.

    3. Try running CHKDSK / F command to repair the file system. It is also recommended to run the system repair using installation disk If the problem persists, reformat the disk and restore lost data from backup. Using Data Recovery Software for backup if you can not restore the complete information required. Such applications use data recovery powerful scanning algorithms to maintain the integrity of the data. These tools provide a self-descriptive interface and design data safe conduct.

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    Re: Windows has detected file system corruption

    Go buy Norton Ghost! Buy an external hard drive for backups large. Move documents and images to a folder created for that drive. Then the backup system for Windows to get the drive with Norton Ghost. You buy a new hard drive. Using Norton Ghost CD to restore the backup to the new drive. You can use CD-RW instead of an external hard drive. An external USB drive lets others, while backup otherwise you have to sit there and install each disc.

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    Re: Windows has detected file system corruption

    Backup important data to an external drive without delay and as already suggested it could be the hard drive controller. use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an advanced Data Recovery Utility providing comprehensive recovery with impressive set of features like Disk Imaging, Drive Cloning, and Drive Status etc.

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