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Thread: Laptop won't boot - grey screen

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    Laptop won't boot - grey screen

    I purchased this laptop a year ago (Medion Akoya MD 97960) with Vista Home Premium. I'm currently having problems when I boot it, all I get is a gray screen with vertical lines of dull blue/green/red. It sounds like the HDD is booting the OS and it's the display that's playing up,but I don't think it is because I can't access the computer through the network. Left for a couple of minutes, the screen turns gray with a large black cloud in the middle.

    This is a sporadic problem, I can get it to work fine sometimes, but then it just opens with this problem and I can't use it for a couple of days maybe. It has been about three weeks this has been happening.

    To clarify:
    I've never dropped it, never stepped on it, always used it indoors,never exposed it to UV light, cleaned it periodically and closed it when not in use. So it is not any of these.

    Extra: GPU = Nvidia Geforce 9300M
    Sometimes when it's in use, i get Nvidia driver errors where the screen flashes and returns to normal. Before the gray screen boot up happens, a BSOD occurs caused by the Nvidia driver nvlddmkm.sys.

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    Laptop won't boot - grey screen

    It seems that there is some issue with your Display because of which you are getting grey screen as you said it comes after sometime means that there is some issue with your RAM that's why you are facing this issue, for more solution check out below link

    Grey Screen at Logon
    ThinkPad T61p laptop won't boot three tones on boot
    Dell 8300 laptop won't start

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    Re: Laptop won't boot - grey screen

    From my experience, this means the video card is dying. You should check with the vendor to see if it still carries a warranty. Otherwise, you can try to open it up to see if the video card is modular (where it can be replaced) or if its built into the motherboard. Typically you can just remove the keyboard and the video card is *usually* right underneath, connected to the system board. If it is modular, you may be able to find a replacement on eBay. Otherwise, you are probably out of luck.

    I've had multiple video cards die over the years and this is very common with nVidia cards. Either you get random video corruption or the OS BSOD's on an nv***.sys file.


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