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Thread: Snipping tool on Mac

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    Snipping tool on Mac

    Experiment and practicals are favorite things for me now i am working on macbook pro for that i am looking for Snipping tool i am windows user and had tried Snipping tool for windows but curious to know about mac Snipping tool .

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    Re: Snipping tool on Mac

    To take a screenshot ,press Apple-Shift-3. If you prefer to select the location of capture, press Apple-Shift-4, release and position the selection box to the desired location. The images will appear on your desktop in PNG

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    Re: Snipping tool on Mac

    YOU have probably already noticed that the screenshots created using Apple-Shift-3 or Apple-Shift-4 are never very good. Because by default, screenshots are in JPEG format with a resolution of 60. There is a simple way to solve this problem by using the Terminal. Open a Terminal window and type the following two commands followed by "Return" between each.
    defaults write type png
    killall SystemUIServer

    It is even possible to replace PNG TIFF or PDF. Once everything is completed, make some catches and you will see a big difference in the quality thereof

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    Re: Snipping tool on Mac

    you can try Skitch .Skitch is software is an image editor that has made the effort to adapt to the times. This distant cousin of ImageWell, however, is distinguished not by an excess of features. In fact, Skitch is very little, but he did excellently well.

    Skitch offers on left nine tools:
    - The cursor to select and move objects that you added to your base image.
    - The pencil that also serves as highlighter
    - The line tool
    - The circle tool
    - The rectangle tool
    - The paint
    - Gum
    - The tool to post text
    - The tool to quickly draw arrows

    All these tools are simple to implement.

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