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Thread: Scanner Will Scan To File But Not Print

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    angry Scanner Will Scan To File But Not Print

    SCANNER - Epson All-In-One - CX8400

    Having a helluva time getting my Epson installed on my Toshiba. Most consistent problem is port allocation and getting both devices to work together. PRINT ie documents, etc., and SCAN PRINT DOES NOT WORK although installation info reports everything a-OK. Manual setup of PORT results in error message - NOTHING TO CONFIGURE. Printer works fine on it's internal control panel and the unit and setup disk work fine on 2 other PC's I have!

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    Post Re: Scanner Will Scan To File But Not Print

    Im not too sure about specs but are the ports fast enough for the amount of data required...this is a long shot but it might be worth checking. otherwise goodluck

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    Re: Scanner Will Scan To File But Not Print

    Do you mean "Scan to PC", where you control the scan from the printer control? I tried that, but it didn't work. Try scan from computer or see documentation."try to switch off the printer and unplug the power cable

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    Re: Scanner Will Scan To File But Not Print

    Go to start -> Select Run -> type "scanlogd". you will get the log file But if you are using IPtables, you need to consider about the port, you must not block the ports, otherwise the scan will not be detected. Once this has done Restart the PC.

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    Re: Scanner Will Scan To File But Not Print

    The problem lies here because your printer has both scanner and printer. So both are assigned on a single port. If you have a two different device than it is possible to print a document which is scanned. You can just first save the document and then print it. Other wise download a third party software which can first scan a document and then directly you can print from there. Like Quick Copy.

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