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Thread: Issues Reformatting Windows XP SP2

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    Exclamation Issues Reformatting Windows XP SP2


    I have a laptop from about 4 years ago, which stopped working suddenly (I got a blue screen saying that a certain file was corrupt). I figured if I reformatted, it should work. So, I tried to reformat, deleted the partitions, and started to format another one. Now, everytime I do this, it gets to 8% and freezes. I let this wait for about an hour, and I'm trying again, but it seems ridiculous that it's taking this long. Any idea what the problem could be?

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    Re: Issues Reformatting Windows XP SP2

    The problem is due to hardware peripheral not working proper that may be ram , lan , or graphics card or wifi any thing so go to bios and disable extra things and boot with cd rom ,hardisk , graphics display and check if its working or not but surely you have to visit service center.

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    Re: Issues Reformatting Windows XP SP2

    According to me you should use the Boot Camp Assistant in order to start your Windows XP installation on your system. Boot Camp instructions are specific about which version(s) of Windows can be used. It can be either a MS boxed Windows XP SP2 full installation or it can be an OEM System Builders Windows XP SP2 full installation.

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