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Thread: What is dcomlaunch Service

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    What is dcomlaunch Service

    Hello ,i have a Windows Vista Sp1 in my Hp Desktop computer , the problem is that my pc is running really Slow and when i check the Services tab there was many Services , i tried to stop most of them was succesfully halted by me but the dcomlaunch Service could not be stopped , can you tell me what is the reason the dcomlaunch Service could not be stopped , please help me , thanks in advance

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    Re: What is dcomlaunch Service

    DCOMLaunch is an important system service for Microsoft Windows XP.
    DCOMLaunch was added with Service Pack2.

    Microsoft tells: "To reduce the attack surface of Windows and provide defense in depth, the RPCSS service functionality was split into two services. The RPCSS service with all the original functionality that did not require Local System privileges now runs under the Network Service account. A new DCOMLaunch service that includes functionality that requires Local System privileges runs under the Local System account.
    This change reduces the attack surface and provides defense in depth for the RPCSS service since an elevation of privilege in the RPCSS service will now be limited to the Network Service privilege."

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    Re: What is dcomlaunch Service

    just go into Services... stop the DCOMLaunch service, disable it from starting and reboot you computer .

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    Re: What is dcomlaunch Service

    You Should Try the Above Step to Disable the DcomLaunch Service

    Click on Start Menu the Go to Settings>control panel -> hardware and sound -> sound . in the sound windows , go Into the “Playback” tab, and select the active playback device and after that click on the “Properties” button.
    a new popup windows will appear In the popup window, select the tab having name “Enhancements”. and Tick the checkbox that is labelled as “Disable all enhancements” and finally click “OK”. This method should stops the DCOMLAUNCH from causing issues in Vista.

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