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Thread: how many instance of svchost.exe should be running

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    how many instance of svchost.exe should be running

    Hello all members,

    I recently noticed that there are 8 instances of svchost.exe running.and am really worried about that so i need to ask is this normal with my computer.please give me a rampant reply since am totally frustrated about it

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: how many instance of svchost.exe should be running

    Only time i get suspicious is when i see ones like scvhost.exe svhost.exe and etc misspelled ones as u can see.In my opinion five is kind of normal
    On my computer i have three striped my operating system,and i should ok with seven,beyond that the things are very bad.If you got 10 then it is the sign of worms or crap

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    Re: how many instance of svchost.exe should be running

    Dude,That all solely depend on the range of services you are working with. Normally XP "bundles" services under SVCHOST.EXE. To see exactly what is running in each instance of svchost on the command prompt type tasklist /svc > c:\tasklist.txt In order to relate the the Task Manager entries and the tasklist.txt entries: they are bundled together via PID number.Confirm that in TM the PID is showing. If not, click on view > Select Columns.

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    Re: how many instance of svchost.exe should be running

    It's obviously usual for SVCHOST to show up multiple times, though there are also virus infections that will make additional ones to be running. there's Microsoft's SVCHOST Description for more inputs on this topic.I'd advise virus and spyware scans as a first step if you think something is a miss.I would tell It depends on how many groups of services are running on your system. I have 3 instances; 5 is normal also.

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