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Thread: Does Windowx XP driver will work on Windows 7

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    Does Windowx XP driver will work on Windows 7

    I have a 2 year old laptop from Dell. The laptop has a 2 gigs of RAM and I had recently upgarded a DVD RW. Everything here is working fine. Recenlty I saw a Windows 7. So I just want to ask that is it possible to install a Windows 7 on my system. I have Intel Pentium 3 processor. Second most important thing is that the Dell site only offers drivers which are for Windows XP. There is no driver for the paritcular laptop for Vista and Windows 7. There is there any way by which I can use my Windows XP drivers on Windows 7. Is this possible. If yes then how can I do this. Any suggestio will be appreicated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Does Windowx XP driver will work on Windows 7

    This what you are trying to do is not possible. Because the drivers which runs on Windows XP is incompatible with Windows 7. You can try hard to do that but your Video, Audio and Ethernet will malfuctioned. Second thing you can try is to check that your Laptop model supports Windows Vista or Windows 7. Otherwise you cannot do that. Try to find the Vista compatible drivers. Because once Vista compatible drivers will work on Windows 7.

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    Re: Does Windowx XP driver will work on Windows 7

    It is risky to do that. But Windows compatibility mode can make this work. Do this first install Windows 7 without removing Windows XP. That means dual boot. If Windows 7 is not compatible with your computer then Windows 7 disck will pop up a message. Install the operating system in a different drive. Now in Windows 7 right click on the drivers setup file and click on Properites. Select the Compatibility tab and then Compatibility Mode and select Windows Vista RTM from the drop down list. Hpe this works.

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    Re: Does Windowx XP driver will work on Windows 7

    Try doing this by using Device Manager. But in most cases it does not work. Windows 7 operating system has a different architecture. All drivers are specifically designed to use the hardware as per the operating system. Install Windows 7 and right click on My Computer. Then select Properties > Hardware > Device Manage. In the list right click on the not installed hardwares and select properties. Go to drives tab and click on update drivers. Browse the location manually and give the drivers path. If the drivers are acceptable then it is fine otherwise you cannot use that particular hardware.

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