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Thread: Update broke network connection on ubuntu

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    Update broke network connection on ubuntu

    I have a linux box with ubuntu 9.04 recently installed on it. Now i was updating the system. and somethine somewhere went wrong of which i am not aware of and now my network connection doesn't work. I guess Update broke network connection on ubuntu box and i'm not able to connect to my network. I tried both static IP and DHCP but none of tehm helped. I need your help guys...

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    Re: Update broke network connection on ubuntu

    Do you have a wifi dongle? I think you should try and see if the problem lies with the wired connection only or with all network connection. May be then you be able to pin point the exact problem. If you have a wife dongle try connection to it from the same machine. Or you can try if you have some other connection options like mobile internet. This will be able to let us know whether the problem lies with all network connection or just the wired one. Then you can proceed with the problem solving... Do post back...

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    Re: Update broke network connection on ubuntu

    I have a USB wifi dongle which i just plugged in after posting for help. This thing works great. The dongle doesn't face any problem at all. It connects in dhcp mode as well as if static IP is provided. Now what may be the problem. I'm sure that the update caused this problem and my ethernet adapter is working perfectly all right... Please help...

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    Re: Update broke network connection on ubuntu

    It seems that Ubuntu update changed some driver files for the ethernet card of your computer and now this driver isn't working. Try to revert the change if you know how to do it, or download its drivers which are ubuntu compatible from the ethernet card's manufacturer's website. This is purely a driver issue... All the best!

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