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Thread: Add Hulu Media Center in Vista MCE

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    Add Hulu Media Center in Vista MCE

    I was having Hulu in my Vista Media center pc. But due to virus I formatted the computer and reloaded a fresh copy back again. The problem here is that I do not know how to put back Hulu in Vista MCE. I need the download link and plus the instructions for the same. The plugin was very useful Desktop application with a direct launch feature and navigation service. The best thing about the plug in was it responsiveness to the Vista MCE remote. The content were easy to navigate via remote and keyboard. Also it offers the IPTV content and other channels. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Add Hulu Media Center in Vista MCE

    Hulu is desktop plugin for Media Center pc. It equipped with web browser and you simply the desktop icon on your Media Center screen. It supports Windows Vista Media Center Remote control. Instead of going for multiples add ons you can just simply sort out by this small plug in. It is guide with Hulu Desktop. The directory where Hulu desktop plug in is stored is - C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\HuluDesktop. Download the plug in from below and create the folder as mentioned above. Unzip the file and put the ini file in the specified folder. From the HuluMCE folder right click on HuluMCEreg.xml file and select Edit. Replace the username as per your user name.
    Hulu Plugin

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    Re: Add Hulu Media Center in Vista MCE

    You can restore back Hulu Desktop on your computer. You will need two applications for that. The first one is Hulu Desktop and the second one is Media Center Launcher Configuration Utility. Both application are available on many sites for free download. Then install and launch Media Center Launcher Configuration Utility. On the first configuration screen click on the folder icon. Now browse for the exe file of huludesktop. The default location of the same is - C:\Users\AppData\Local\HuluDesktop\. Select the file and give ok. In this way configure it and play it on your Media Center.

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    Re: Add Hulu Media Center in Vista MCE

    You will need SecondRun.TV for adding up Hulu Desktop on your media center computer. Download the application and install it. Then open Windows Media center and scroll for all programs. On the Media Center see for SecondRun.TV. In that you can see TV+Movies menu. Navigate TV channels. This display is from You can individually see episodes.

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