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Thread: Add up hidden channels in Windows 7 MCE

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    Add up hidden channels in Windows 7 MCE

    I had a Windows 7 Media center at my home. I had downloaded a TV Guide which gives information about all the current channels and shows. I want to know is there a way by which I can add missing or hidden channels in the guide. First of all what is way to find them. Is there any channel search plug in available for Windows 7 Media center. And also what are the other free plug ins available for the same. Thank in advance.

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    Re: Add up hidden channels in Windows 7 MCE

    You can find some extra channels and add them to your Media Center. There are some DTV Standard channels. This channel remains hidden from the user's eyes. The channel are broadcast by small providers. This are HD channels with awesome image details. At certain time of days it is possible to catch them easily. But the same will be available at late night hours. To manually discover those channels select settings from the media center then go to TV > Guide > Add Missing channels. Then select add dtv channel. Assign numbers 2,3,4,etc to minor channels. As you keep on adding channel then media center will not prompt you to add numbers. Tune to each channel and save them.

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    Re: Add up hidden channels in Windows 7 MCE

    If you see a No TV signal error on your TV then that means either your antenna is out of the range of broadcaster's transmitter or you need a different but power full antenna to get the signal. Third try to rotate the Antenna and point it to a different direction. Signal strength is also important to adjust the channel receiving. A weak signal strength can really make hard for you to discover channels. So it is concluded that you can catch more signal either by rotating the antenna or installing a power signal receptor.

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    Re: Add up hidden channels in Windows 7 MCE

    I will list you 5 plug ins that you must add to your Windows 7 Media Center. This are essential and freely available also. The first one is Media Browser. It is a nice application to browse the Media. Then comes heat wave. Heat wave display weather information on the screen. MyChannelLogos. A simple tool to add up channel logo on your TV guide. Netflix. Netflix is a movie site which offers you instant movie play and the last one is Playon.

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