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Thread: Enable Sound in Safe Mode

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    Enable Sound in Safe Mode

    I have recently bought a new system and ungraded my pc's graphic card, motherboard, processor and all system. I was testing some of the features on this new rig by going into safe mode, networking mode and some other mode also. As per the test done, I was not able to hear any sound coming out in Safe Mode. What could be the reason here, can anyone tell me how to enable sound in safe mode? Thanks

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    Re: Enable Sound in Safe Mode

    What is the sound card that is used on your machine, cause if it has legacy drivers for use in safe mode and dos then yes, you could manually load the drivers in a command prompt if you knew what to do. Safe Mode was specifically designed not to load any of the drivers that are installed on your machine. So perhaps, you wont be getting any sound in safe mode that's why.

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    Re: Enable Sound in Safe Mode

    Yes, nitesh is right, the basic clear point of safe mode is is to disable all unnecessary (non-critical) drivers, so that if one of them is causing the problem, you will be able to fix it. The sound driver is not crucial to the basic operation of Windows. As for the restarts, click Start > Run, type "sysdm.cpl", go to the Advanced tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery, and uncheck "Automatically restart". Start your computer in normal mode; you should get a blue screen instead of a restart. The file name on the blue screen will help you identify the problem that initially causes the error.

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    Re: Enable Sound in Safe Mode

    The clear point of safe mode is that Safe Mode usually loads minimal drivers, that's what it is for. So sound card drivers are never loaded, no-can-do. Even if you get the sound to work in Safe Mode (which you won't as the drivers required aren't loaded), that doesn't really give you a workable solution.
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