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Thread: play.exe not Found

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    play.exe not Found

    Hello , I have a windows Xp computer , whenver i try to download and play any files from the internet , i get this error message that

    Windows cannot find :: Play.exe file

    and the file in question could not be played by my computer , can you tell me how to solve these problem thanks in advance

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    Re: play.exe not Found

    Hello , I really have the same problem if you could help me at the same time it would be very generous of you because I do not know what to do: This program sends me spyware , ads and useless stuff from time to time, when the message appears on my screen, an icon supposed to appear at the bottom right of my screen is invisible, so I can not click on it or even better delete it , even if I go into the menu and start then all the programs I can not find the file play.exe. Please, I really need help is very painful and I fear that because of something stupid like these that my computer is damaged and it is not working properly!

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    Re: play.exe not Found

    This problem may occur when you use RealJukebox to play audio CDs. RealJukebox can use Play.exe or file Realjbox.exe; error can occur if the file is missing or damaged.

    Manually re-associate the AudioCD player file type with Windows CD:

    Start Windows Explorer.
    In the View menu, click Folder Options.
    In the File Types tab in the list of Registered File Types, click AudioCD, and then click Edit.
    In the dialog box Change the file type in the Actions list, click Play and then click Set Default. The Play option must be set , If click Set as Default has not made bold, click again on Set Default.

    Note: If Play with RealJukebox appears in the Actions list, deletes it . To do this, click on Play with RealJukebox, click Delete and then click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    Under Actions, click Play and then click Edit.

    In the Application used to perform action, type C:\Windows\Cdplayer.exe /play, click OK and then click Close.

    Click Close and then restart the computer.

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    Re: play.exe not Found

    Re-associate the file type AudioCD with Windows Media Player

    If you use Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later version, you can re-associate AudioCD with Windows Media Player:
    1. Start Windows Media Player.
    2. In the Tools menu, click Options.
    3. under available File Formats Tab, click audio CD. track
    4. Click OK.

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