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Thread: How to open .iso file in windows

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    How to open .iso file in windows

    Does any one know how to open .iso file in windows? I am running windows xp and windows vista on my computer. I have download iso file and i want to edit that file before burning it off on a CD.

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    Re: How to open .iso file in windows

    Download and install WinRaR > after installing WinRaR you can open .iso file with WinRaR > Start WinRaR and drag your .iso file to it and you will be able to extract it as normal zip file. You can also use MagicISO to edit and open .ISO files in windows.

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    Re: How to open .iso file in windows

    You can edit some ISO files by mounting them as you would any other drive or using Deamon Tools. It allow to access iso file without burning it to a cd.
    Check this thread for more information on Deamon Tools :
    How to function daemon Tools as a Virtual CD Burner?
    Daemon Tools 4.06
    Opening iso-files in Vista
    Open source make .iso

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    Re: How to open .iso file in windows

    iso files are CD/DVD images. Burn it to a CD specifying an iso format (important). To open .iso file in windows use MagicISO > choose File menu and Click Open Command > click on add button to fo dragging files or directories into ISO Panel > create new folder > press f2 >click to save in ISO image.

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