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Thread: Sony vaio no sound in vista

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    Sony vaio no sound in vista

    Hello , I have Sony vaio laptop with windows vista installed it , now the problem is that all of the sudden my sound in Sony vaio does not seem to be working , it was working during my last session , but just when i started it is not working , i dont what is that problem , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: Sony vaio no sound in vista

    Follow these Step to solve your problem

    1. Go into administration tool:
    2. Go to services
    3. Select Service: audio windows see if the service is started, if yes: Make sure the service is automatic (if not turn it on )
    4. then go to the Recovery tab: You see: select the response of the computer in case of failure of this service: First failure in choosing restart the service
    5. Then restart the PC and everything should be fine

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    Re: Sony vaio no sound in vista

    At startup, Windows will automatically detect a new device and its application drivers. Insert the CD that comes with the sound card in the CD-ROM. Start the driver installation

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    Re: Sony vaio no sound in vista

    In Control Panel, double-click on Backup and Restore Center . On the left side, select Repair Windows using System Restore. In the window that opens, you can choose to back the restore point the most recent (To do this, check Restoration recommended) or select a restore point especially among those available (check choose another restore point ). If you checked Select another restore point, the list of restore points available will be visible . The points are ordered by date and time. Select the one you need. The system will ask you to confirm your choice. Click Finish. A message warning you that the restoration will not be interrupted once started will appears. Click Yes.

    Windows will restarts.

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