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Thread: Creating Relative shortcut in windows

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    Creating Relative shortcut in windows

    I would to create Relative shortcut in windows , I plan to create a small executable (with custom icon) with the shortcut (relative address) to another program ...: Windows shortcuts with absolute address is of no use on my usb key. can you tell me how can i create Relative shortcuts in windows computer , please help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: Creating Relative shortcut in windows

    I have find the solution to your problem.

    I already advised you to download this software: Quickbfc

    Once installed, open program BATCH
    go in and projects option and select Ghost Application
    go in the Custom Resources Application Icon and click on the icon
    press F9, compiler for the program.

    Well, I hope I have managed to help you!

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    Re: Creating Relative shortcut in windows

    Suppose you want to create a shortcut to the program 'test.exe'. Create a text document with notepad and type the path to this program between quotes and without drive name. Ex: "\utilities\test.exe". Save the file by giving it the name Rtest.bat

    Use a program such as Becyicongrabber to extract the program icon. Install the program and then point to the test.exe to remove the icon. Click on the icon with the right mouse button when it is removed and save the file has an extension ico.

    Use the compile bat to exe download here:

    In point form test.bat to the file you just created and in the fields Iconfield, enter the file name. Ico. Use the Compile button to complete the transaction.
    Copy the shortcut you just created in the root directory of your USB drive and that its, you can use this shortcut on any computer.

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    Re: Creating Relative shortcut in windows

    You can use environment variables in shortcuts just like in batch files.

    %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE

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