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Thread: whois Command for cmd

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    whois Command for cmd

    Hello , I Have Found the Whois Site Very useful , I Was just wondering whether the Whois utility Available for the command prompt cmd, i thought it would be more useful to use the whois utility this way, please help me Thanks in advance .

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    Re: whois Command for cmd

    You can use this tool as a single command line, or you can use it interactively, which distinguishes it from other DNS commands. Once you have started nslookup, type all for all list the default options. As with the search you can choose the server (called server) that you want to ask, and you can decide the type of DNS information on which the home. Just as you can issue commands to nslookup interactively, you can also change the initial defaults by starting a home folder.

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    Re: whois Command for cmd

    Nslookup (Name System Look Up) is a tool to query a name server to obtain information about a domain or host and is used to diagnose any problems with DNS configuration. Invoked without arguments, the command nslookup displays the name and IP address of primary name server and displays a command prompt for the query. Just type the name of a field at the prompt to view the features. It is also possible to request information about a host stating his name as a result of the nslookup command:


    By default the command nslookup queries the name server configured on the primary machine. It is possible to query a specific name server by specifying the following command preceded by the sign "-":

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    Re: whois Command for cmd

    @echo off

    this code uses the whois lookup from , you hav eto Copy the batch file to somewhere in your path, for example, the %systemroot%\system32 folder. To lookup the whois info for, use the commandline:


    for Techarena


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