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Thread: How to redo my computer without a disk

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    How to redo my computer without a disk

    My friend is having Windows Vista as his Operating system due to some reason he need to just wiping the HD and starting fresh like it was when it rolled out of the factory and he don't want to completely format his laptop. Is there any programs or way to make it get rid of everything and make it new? I have tried a lot but was not able to get any solution for it.

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    How to redo my computer without a disk

    In that case i would suggest you to have a recovery partition of your hard drive that holds an exactly, you will get it as it came to you from the factory. To recover, you want to have each and everything just copy it. this will usually leaves your system with any pre-installed software they added.

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    How to redo my computer without a disk

    As per my knowledge acer usually has D:\ partition that has a copy of your C:\ partition as it was the day you bought it. If nothing has changed in D: \ partition then someone might have a way for you to start the process w/o a disc. Stay tuned, someone else might chime in that owns an Acer.

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